Electronic Engineering Services

RJS Electronics

What we do:
We design electronic circuits and prototypes.


Why RJS Electronics:
We offer the expertise, and experience of a large engineering design house with the personal attention of a small business.


Who are our clients:
Our clients range in technical ability from start ups with no expertise to highly skilled technical firms who are short staffed. We have designs in almost every industry,

  • consumer electronics
  • industrial controls
  • medical
  • bio medical
  • instrumentation
  • telcom
  • CATV
  • avionics / military 


Typical design flow:

  • The client shares his requirements with us. All of these ideas and features MUST be committed to paper.
  • Price and terms are agreed to.
  • The schematic is designed with readily available components.
  • BOM (Bill Of Material) is generated and parts are ordered.
  • The printed circuit board is designed with manual routing. PCB plot files, "gerbers" are generated and sent to any bare board house.
  • Embedded code or FPGA design, if required is started while boards are being fabricated.
  • Bare Printed Circuit Boards are manually assembled on site by the original designer.
  • Assembled boards are debugged and tested against the written requirements.
  • All design files are updated to reflect any modifications to the prototype circuit board.
  • On final payment, you own all design files, schematic, BOM, PCB layout files, gerbers, embedded source code, FPGA design. Now any contract manufacture can manufacture your production boards.
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