John Smeltzer John Smeltzer
Owner / Designer


“John has done work for us several times. His hardware design and attention to detail has been unmatched. He even cares about the small details like symmetry and alignment of components in his hardware designs - it clearly shows his pride in craftsmanship.”

Brad R. Owner


“John Smeltzer has been vital to the success of my company. He has designed circuits for me for many years. He's always helpful and finds ways to make the project successful. He is my go-to engineer for all of my circuit design and manufacturing needs.”

Steve Stempinski, President
Amp'd Emblems LLC


“We have collaborated with John for several projects at Nikola Labs. I have always been impressed with his creativity, speed to deliver and quality of work. I highly recommend John for any business that needs support in designing and building electronics systems.”

Will Zell, President
Nikola Labs


“Our designs mix digital controls with professional audio output requiring special attention to noise reduction. John's expertise with his design tools allow him to efficiently find solutions to the challenges presented in our specifications. His quick response to our special requests and timely emails with graphics was the next best thing to literally standing over his shoulder and pointing at the screen. Thank you, John for a manufacturable, quiet and quality product.”

Commercial Music Service


“Geo Tag, LLC began its R&D journey with RJS Electronics. In addition to providing our team with economical, timely delivery of our flex circuit layouts, RJS introduced us to "next steps", provided resources, expertise and introductions to advance our objectives. Geo-Tag recommends RJS Electronics and John Smeltzer with the utmost confidence!”

Steven D. Puccini, CTO
Geo-Tag, LLC


“John took time out of his busy schedule to design a PCB for me, and with lightning speed. We will be returning back for more work asap. Highly recommend john and RJS for your electronics projects. Thanks again!”

Chris Turner, Owner
AutoMotion Design & Fabrication


“I needed electronics designed and assembled for a prototype, and John executed exceedingly well. Very easy to work with, no complications, and provided exactly what we needed. His quote and pricing couldn't be beat, and we were amazed with how quickly he was able to complete our requirements. I'll refer John to anyone who needs electronic engineering or design, and we certainly look forward to working with him again.”

Mason Estep, President
SmokeTech LLC


“I have worked with many electrical engineers, and John is one of the best. John takes a specification and brings it to life quickly and without issue. John is my go-to resource when I need PCB design, firmware, or other EE work.”

Shannon Staats, Principal Engineer
Homegrown Services Ltd


“I worked with John on a project where precision soldering of tiny conductors had to be done for a complex array eddy current sensor. John was very professional and applied his skills and knowledge in solving this challenging problem responding multiple times with great attitude and resolve.”

Evgueni Todorov


“I would highly recommend John for any electronic project. He is very thorough and a great communicator. Starting from a simple SOW he designed, tested, built two prototype Circuit Board assemblies and trained us on how to program in less than two months.”

Rob Haviland, President
Dayton Air Control Products LLC


“We hired John to develop a new product that had consumer vehicle applications. He developed a microcontroller operated product based on a document that described how we wanted the device to function. John designed the circuit and board layout complete with readily available parts within a short time frame and it worked perfectly upon delivery. John was very proactive in ensuring that he understood all aspects of the project and was even able to further streamline much of our original concept. John is extremely knowledgeable about his area of expertise, and maintains a friendly, professional attitude when he works with you. Thanks John!”

Eric Ray, Electrical Engineer
Flaming River Industries, Inc.


“I have an explosive atmospheres product safety consulting practice. John designed a state-of-the-art fuel pump theft alarm system on a project I was involved in a few years ago. He also is a crackerjack LED Lighting circuit designer who knows how to optimize his circuit for maximum battery run time. He fabricates his own prototype surface mount boards in his shop and takes full responsibility for his designs, start to finish.”

Bill Lowers,
Principal at WCL Corporation


“... we have been impressed with his broad base of knowledge ... I would unhesitant classify John as way above average. He is an excellent communicator, picks up and competently works ... John is a real find ... Without a doubt, we would highly recommend John to others.”

Jerry Anderson, Founder & CEO
LightSaver Technologies Inc.


“John has been very responsive to the requirements of our design projects, quick to pick up where we have left off on an in house project that was started and bring it to completion with minimal effort on our part to get him up to speed with what we had already done. RJS has been very easy to work with and we have since done multiple projects.”

Mike Rickly, Owner
Rickly Hydrological


“I am happy ... it's innovative and works exactly as expected (actually, better). User interface was easy to learn, and it performs perfectly. Delivery was right on time exactly as promised. Price was reasonable and I got my money's worth, I am very, very pleased.”

Itzhak (Ike) Itzhaky , Owner
PiezoValve and Associates


“I own a small LED lighting company with an emphasis on small. When I was starting out I could not find anyone interested in doing layout and assembly work for small batches of boards on a job by job basis. After being turned down by the 4th or 5th large board designer that was only interested in my potential volume I finally asked for a recommendation. I was given three names and RJS Electronics was one of them. I did a little research, read all the recommendations on the RJS website and decided to give them a call. John worked with me on my layout and design, made suggestions where necessary and put together a proposal. I like the honest up front pricing, flexibility and his ability to deliver per the agreed delivery date. I have used RJS Electronics for several board iterations and will continue to use them for all my electronics needs. ”

Nick Brumm , Owner
Grow LED Now


“John is very straightforward and methodical in his design work, with detailed communication and solid understanding of electronics engineering. Highly recommended.”

Top qualities: Expert, On Time, Creative

Chad Bays , Founder
Archnet Global, LLC


“John is good person who really cares about his clients.”

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, On Time

David Kotkin , Owner,
Avenger Controller


“I hired John to design & build some prototype circuit boards. His recommendations led to a cost effective solution that looked & performed MUCH better than I had expected! He's also provided great support after the sale to help with some unexpected changes. I'm looking forward to hiring him to build more soon.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Jesse Whittington , CEO,
RoofSnap, LLC


“John was tasked with designing a custom programable electronic board that would be placed into the unique plastic housing. John later worked closely with our plastic parts CAD designer to ensure that the board and plastic parts fit perfectly. John's knowlege of engineering electronics was one of the most important parts of this project. We at T&M Tactical llc, highly recomend John Smeltzer for any electronic engineering projects. He is very knowledgable, and pays close attention to detail. We look forward to working John in the future on new projects.”

Justin Thompson, Owner,
T&M Tactical, LLC.


“I was impressed with John's direct approach at solving complex firmware and control electronics issues. His experiance pulled the project team through some tough design issues which greatly accelerated the project schedule. It was refreshing to see John's optimistic and enthusiastic attitude on a daily basis when others were feeling the pressure of a large project's deadline.”

Steven Ricca, Principal Electrical Engineer,
Battelle Memorial Institute


“John has a great knowledge of electronics hardware design relating to wireless based telecommunications products. He uses all the latest design parameters and state of the technology circuitry and components. He provides results on a timely basis and his contract fees are reasonable.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Dan Finch hired John as a Product Development in 2010


“We wanted a redesign of our MagSens rescue hoist cable inspection electronics to reduce assembly time and improve the reliability of the system. John did a great job working with us to understand our system and implement our requirements for a modern, easily assembled and reliable design. Since we are a small business, working with RJS allowed us to complete the project in a reasonable time frame, at a reasonable cost and with great results. We are very happy to have John as a resource and would recommend RJS as a valuable electronic engineering, design and prototyping resource.”

Michael Mitchell, President,
Zephyr International LLC hired John as a Electronics Engineer in 2010


“I interviewed three engineers to help me with a project I had begun, and I could not be happier to have chosen John. He didn't just sign onto the project, he completely partnered with me and held the same enthusiasm and attention to detail that I felt I had. He helped me in every step of the way as we worked through the many challenges. I could not be happier with the end results and look forward to working with him again on future developments. He has my highest personal and professional recommendation.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Frank Cerney hired John as a Electronics Engineer in 2010


“John developed an alarm system for us to use in the fueling industry. We were approached by several of the top names in the truck stop business to come up with a solution to the fuel theft problem. This is a multi million dollar loss problem that is still plaguing the industry. John hit the nail on the head with his first design and we were really impressed with his dedication to our project. We did ask John to make a few modifications to his prototype and he did so. We still use John when we want to make a change and he always comes through for us. He is top rated in our book!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Rick Rose, Owner,
Flint Loc Pump Alarms worked directly with John at RJS Electronics Inc.


“Please accept this message as a strong recommendation for RJS Electronics. John Smeltzer's attention to detail in all aspects of the product development cycle in which we worked on together were based on sound engineering practices. His proposals for the customer on the development work were consistent with a robust, reliable, and quality design in which would enable a shorter design cycle. It has been concluded that the RJS design improved the accuracy of the customers unit and dramatically reduced their system cost.”

Rob Woody, Sales Engineer,
Victory Sales
worked directly with John at RJS Electronics Inc.


“John served as the programmer for the embedded CPU in the same project I worked on as the Mechanical Designer. He was very knowledgeable, and I was impressed with the results of his work. He also designed the bulk of the circuitry for this device and did so meeting the extremely aggressive space constraints set by the mechanical design.”

Philip Snyder, Contractor,
Battelle Memorial Institute worked directly with John at RJS Electronics Inc.


“John has worked for me as both a worker and sub contactor. He is one you give a projects without having to hold his hand. Just give him the project and he runs with it.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Charles Hanchett hired John as a Electronic design in 2007, and hired John more than once


“John has a great understanding of embedded system design and has helped us on several projects in the past.”

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, On Time

Kurt Keener hired John as a Electrical engineering in 2004, and hired John multiple times.


“John Smeltzer of RJS Electronics is a reliable contractor who produces a quality product. He is knowledgeable and helpful. I recommend his services to those seeking electronic design and fabrication capability.”

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value

Joe Talnagi hired John as a electronic engineering in 2002, and hired John multiple times.


“John did great work so I want to keep him as a contact to recommend or use again someday.”

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

Larry Wiley hired John as a Electronics Engineer in 2001


“John has done an excellent job of designing unique electronic packages for our R&D projects and building prototypes. He gives excellent value for the cost and has been quite willing to work with us on an interactive basis to make any modifications necessary.”

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

Fred Clark hired John as a Electronic Design in 2000, and hired John multiple times.


“John has done an excellent job numerous times for our laboratory designing and building custom electronics modules, including reproducing old modules from poor documentation. The final product always has great layout and documentation.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Andrew Kauffman hired John as a Electronic design and prototyping in 2000, and hired John multiple times.


“John was a very knowledgeable in all areas of Electronic Design and Processors. We were able to finish off a number of projects on time and well within budget by using his consulting services. I would recommend him highly for your product design projects.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Tom Kruer hired John as a Business Consultant in 1998, and hired John multiple times.


“I hired John to design a control interface (RS422) for communication to another device. The design was done in a timely manner and was very cost effective and is still in production today. I have worked with John on serval other combined effort tasks and have found him to be extremely easy to work with. I highly recommend John for your industrial design requirements.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, On Time

Tom Biel hired John as a Electronic Designer in 1997, and hired John multiple times.


“I have worked with John on a number of occasions and would not hesitate to hire him again. My only regret in this survey was that I couldn't check all of the boxes above... I always have had great results from John, He is very personable, and is an expert in his field. He is also an extremely capable learner who ramps up immediately to any given task. His work is of incredible value since he has a lot of experience, he knows what deliverables are needed and always provides a package that has everything needed. He is VERY punctual and has incredible integrity... He also has the capability of thinking out of the box and solving problems from innovative directions, resulting in a very cost effective and economic design.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

James Campbell hired John as a Electronic Design Services in 1995, and hired John multiple times.

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